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The Island

Fortnite Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Fortnite Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Fortnite Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Zero War (Chapter 1 - Chapter 3)

Fortnite The Zero Point

The Zero Point

Fortnite The Seven

The Seven

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Fortnite The Imagined Order

The Imagined Order

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Fortnite The Last Reality

The Last Reality

Fortnite The Loop

The Loop

Fortnite Battle Royale tells a story of science fiction through in-game events, cosmetics, and dialogue made to merge every fictional franchise into a playground — as it takes place in the center of them all, from which everything was born.

The story is told like a campfire tale, always adapting to the reactions of its audience. The protagonist is The Island, as the factions and concepts introduced by Fortnite’s story are all too big for its own good. What makes this story special is the focus on telling the consequences of these larger-than-life characters on the Island, an ever-evolving place where anyone can drop in at any time.

This page consists of 7 years of nearly daily research, insights and every piece of canon content that Fortnite has to offer, all condensed into writing that you can enjoy and share with others. This story was always meant to be about our time on the Island and the mark that we leave on it, and this effort is only an attempt to share its history with you — no matter when you started to play.

Have fun, make up your own stories to fill in the blanks, and message me on @timelessorder if you’d like to ask anything or suggest a revision!

See you in the Loop. 🤍

Contributors: @Lawy3D, @BrucetheBlob, @thebritenite, @theragingreaper, @Pluxarian, @ShiinaBR & @FN_Assist