Metallica is Here

Get ready to rock! Fortnite Festival - Take the Battle Stage to challenge opponents in a new Fortnite Festival mode. - Get the Festival Pass and earn Festival points to unlock various rewards, including the Metallica Band Outfits! - Complete Metallica Quests in Festival to unlock James's ESP Snakebyte Guitar and Robert's Warwick M72 Bass. Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury. - Play through the Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury. concert experience during limited times on June 22 and June 23! Fortnite Battle Royale - Take to the skies and electrify the competition with The Ride the Lightning item. - Rock out on the Metallica Loot Island mid-match, and capture the POI for a boost of loot! Rocket Racing - Turn up the temperature on the Thrash Mountain track - Complete Metallica Quests in Rocket Racing to unlock various rewards, including the Backfire Vehicle!


There’s a fire inside that can’t be quenched! Puppet Masters James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert are here to pull your strings.

Tow Hook Cannon

It's time to take a ride! Launch a Tow Hook onto a nearby vehicle and traverse the Wasteland in style. Enemies nearby? Take a break from using the Nitro Fists and hit 'em with the hook.

Metallica Jäger 619 Bundle

Kick back and burn rubber with the Metallica Jäger 619 Bundle.

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